Tank Girls Tank Part I - The main gun

Work In Progress / 20 December 2021

Started a few months ago to work on the M3 Stuart Light Tank because this seemed to be the base for the Tank Girls Tank in the 1995 Movie with the same name.

The Browning M1919, which is is the main gun, was modeled in 3ds max and Zbrush, retopo in Topogun, UV's in RizomUV, baking, texturing and rendering done in Marmoset Toolbag 4.

Here are some shots, this will be used on the tank, alongside other weapons... and as you can see, she already left her mark on the weapon, scratching out the serial number.

Decided to go for a more flash photography, the text was a combination of Substance Designer + a lot of handpaining to simulate rubber stamp paint being smudged.

The turntable

Here are some highpoly screenshots out of Zbrush, I tried to sculpt most of the damage:

The wireframe:

Thanks for watching/reading, I'll update the blog with more progress.